The Friday Five

Textile Markers by Kid Made Modern

1. Tried out the Kid Made Modern Textile Markers that I picked up at Target and shared my experience with them on video here.

2. Marquee Love - The highly coveted marquee lights by Heidi Swapp are available online! I even spotted the ampersand, which seems to be sold out in a lot of places.

3. Mother's Day is Sunday! Need a last minute gift? Besides a lovely day spent with family, I'm pretty sure this jewelry subscription service, Rocksbox, which I blogged about here, would be a great idea. You can still use the code "amytangerinexoxo" for your first month free!

4. Baked Asparagus FriesI’ve been making a concerted effort to eat more veggies and less junk, so this recipe by A Beautiful Mess is right up my alley! Plus I'm all about easy recipes and it looks like something even I can handle. I think it's something Jack will enjoy as well. 

5. Snapchat - I love capturing my day in tiny little pieces and then stringing them together to tell the whole story. I took snaps of my Australia trip while Jack and JC were there and easily turned what I captured into an 8 minute video I can enjoy anytime! I'm amy_tangerine if you want to follow along, or you can check out the video here.