Friday favorites

Boys like pink and push strollers around too

1. Have you ever seen a happier boy with a pink and purple stroller? A few weeks ago, we went to a 2nd birthday party for triplets - two girls, one boy. The nanny told us she bought the girls each a stroller and the boy something else. He was so upset about not having one, he didn't speak to her for an entire day. How funny is that? So at the birthday party where there was a petting zoo, Jack chose to push one of the three strollers around for what seemed like hours. Then a week later, daddy took Jack on a walk to Toys R Us and got him this stroller. He gave him other choices like trucks and shopping carts, but Jack had his mind (and maybe heart!) set on this.

2. So neat reading this interview JC did. He doesn't talk a whole lot about his work stuff, but he sure spends a lot of time doing it, so it was interesting to read all about the cool stuff the company is doing. What a stud.

3. Is it bad to have a crush on a married man with two kids? Well, considering JC introduced me to Casey Neistat's work, I am going to say no. I've been obsessed with his Vlog that he's been doing daily for the month. I don't think I've been this obsessed with watching videos on YouTube since searching "Jack Russell puppies" many years ago. Casey's storytelling skills are remarkable. If you don't fall in love after this video or  this video, entitled "Her Water Broke", we can't be friends.

Just kidding, we can still be friends, I suppose.

4. Speaking of videos, I am a bit embarrassed, but still love using a simple technique for including brochures in minibooks. This video was shot in 2009 while in Atlanta staying at a friend's house. JC was using our Flip camera - remember those?!

5. Loving this new book JC got for me, "The New Bohemians" by Justina Blakeney. It's gorgeous and features so many inspiring homes that she's styled. There are DIY project ideas sprinkled throughout along with gorgeous photographs.

Hope you're weekend is as happy as Jack's will be pushing around the pink stroller!