Motivational Monday


Not sure why this quote was so difficult for me to script - I had to do it numerous times before finally getting it right. And then of course there was a green splotch and I forgot the dash when Jamie first photographed it. And I wasn't happy with the spacing near the bottom but then I got over it. It's really more about the message and process of writing these quotes out and sharing them with you on a weekly basis than trying to make them perfect. That's part of what making any kind of art is about anyway right?

Hope to continue spreading more motivation for each of your Mondays this year using this watercolor set from Michaels and a brush that says Royal 2 on it (can’t remember where it’s from, sorry!). I also found some alternative watercolor options here and here. If you have a favorite quote – snarky, silly, or simple in its’ wisdom, please share in the comments!