Motivational Monday - video tutorial

Wanted to try a little something different for this Monday and share a behind the scenes look at how I write with watercolors. My newest obsession is writing with white against colored papers. In an effort to expand my horizons and be able to share even more with you, I really appreciate the enthusiasm and support when it comes to these videos on YouTube. I'm trying to regularly put out content for you all (maybe even twice or three times weekly - what?!!) on that platform. I've always enjoyed the end result, but because they take a lot of time to set up, shoot, and edit, I am working on ways to streamline the process so I can share even more. Thanks for all the wonderful feedback on my YouTube channel. It's so appreciated, as it can be a scary thing. Finding that trying different methods to make it easier - I recorded this as I was filming it and I think it turned out nicely. And though editing took a while, I didn't spend any time recording voiceover. Practice makes better! Hope you enjoy the video!

Ooh lala, seriously loving how these white watercolors look on colored pages. After many requests to see how I write with these watercolors, I am glad I decided to do something a bit different. Really digging the effect on the colored papers. Hope you're inspired to try this out too!

Watercolor Set from Michaels - set similar here -  and another set here
Brush - Royal 2 | Midori Travelers Notebook | American Crafts Extreme Value Set 6x6 cardstock

Music by Ben Sound | For more info on the challenges described in the video, check out this blog post.