Back from Australia for 3 days, now off to Ventura!


I got back from Australia on Monday and was pretty jet lagged for a couple days. For some reason, I thought it would be better to watch 3 movies and the first 5 episodes of Orange Is the New Black instead of actually sleeping on the red eye. I think I may have gotten a total of 45 minutes rest and could barely keep my eyes open most of Monday. Though it didn't stop me from working Monday afternoon (after a tiny nap on the sofa) and all day in the studio on Tuesday. Yesterday was extremely productive, though the to-do list remains extremely long. And today we're off to Craftcation! You can read all the posts from before about the awesome conference in my previous blog posts.

One of my favorite parts of being at Craftcation is meeting the amazing people. I met Tiffany Han years ago, and it was such a pleasure chatting with her on her podcast, Raise Your Hand Say Yes! Excited to give her a hug in person soon.

Jack and his airplane suitcase

Ok, some last minute packing and arrangements. Apparently Jack's all packed up and ready to go with his suitcase. Though he's an awesome traveler, I am SO glad we are not getting on a plane, and just piling the car up for our road trip to Ventura. ! I'll be Instagramming and posting on Snapchat (username: amy_tangerine) if you want to follow along. If you're at Craftcation, please introduce yourself. And if you're not, perhaps you'll consider attending next year!