A little love letter for you!

you are loved by amy tangerine

Throughout much of junior high and high school, I passed notes to friends. You may have done the same thing. I used to even have notebooks with certain girlfriends that we would just pass back and forth. We'd even try our best to make them look as pretty as possible. Of course much of the writing was centered around boys. A lot of our self doubt would come into play as teenagers and we would boost each other up with quotes and uplifting song lyrics.

Well many years later, I still adore the handwritten note. During the courtship and honeymoon phase when JC and I first starting dating in 2009, he wrote me cards quite often. I still have them and cherish them. He took time in choosing the perfect card and then spent even more time writing his thoughts down. Such treasures. Some of them are in my mini albums, and others are in small piles. I need to figure out how I want to store them - any suggestions welcome (trying to think outside the box)!

Valentine's Day is Saturday and though I am not a huge fan of the "holiday", I do enjoy the idea of love. Whether you're single, married, or anything in between, I think sometimes the holiday comes with unnecessary pressures. I wanted to do something special for you all, dear readers of this blog. Just a little reminder that no matter your status, no matter what you're going through - that you're loved. Please feel free to share this (and any of the past quotes) with anyone who might need some reminding that they are indeed worthy and enough.

you are loved by amy tangerine

Each Monday this year, I plan on writing out a quote using this watercolor set from Michaels and a brush that says Royal 2 on it (can’t remember where it’s from, sorry!). If you have a favorite quote – snarky, silly, or simple in its’ wisdom, please share in the comments.