Creative Handbook Practice 4 - Silence your inner critic

Amy Tangerine practice 4

At first Jamie and I didn't plan to make a video or share our pages from Practice 4, as it is the most personal of all the practices in the handbook. But then we decided it was probably the most important to share because of this fact. Practice 4 is about becoming more aware of the inner monologue going on in our heads. The fearful voices we hear inside of us like "you can't do that" or "you're not talented enough" can really weigh us down. By writing down those fears (which I consider to be lies), we can learn to overcome the things that are potentially holding us back. What is stopping you from expressing yourself more fully and clearly? We can replace those negative voices with affirming truths. What do you hear right after you have a really big and bold idea?  The act of creativity is above all else an expression of ourselves, and this is what makes it so vital and powerful. When we create we are declaring that our voice has value, that we have something to say. I firmly believe, that the world is not made up of those who are creative and those who aren’t, but those who create and those who don’t. I love creating and know so many of you out there too. So what's stopping you?

I’ve been around so many wonderfully creative people in my life. And it’s tempting to say that those people are gifted, were born that way and just aren’t afraid. They are so talented and confident that self expression comes naturally and easy. But that’s not true. More often than not, these successful people have the same insecurities and hear the same voices you and I do. Yet somehow they manage to overcome, step through, and do the hard work anyway. How do they do this? They listen with intent. They become self aware by acknowledging the lies that are holding them back, and then pushing right through them by replacing them with affirming truths. Let's do the same.

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