Happy Valentine's Day

Lauren Conrad, Amy Tangerine, Anna Bond

Yesterday I took Jack, my dad and his wife (they are in town from Atlanta for the long weekend) on an adventure to The Grove for the Paper Crown + Rifle Paper Co Pop Up shop. It's the most darling little pop up shop that runs through February 15. There was a 30-45 minute wait, so I left my name and phone number and was instructed that I would get a text message as soon as it was my turn. We walked around the outdoor mall watching as Jack confidently strutted around without wanting to hold our hands. About 30 minutes later, we decided it was a good idea to get some lunch. Because they've never had it, I suggested Umami Burger. As soon as we were seated and the waitress came by, I got my text (of course!).

I enjoyed a Sprinkles cupcake (dessert before lunch, why not?!) and then was invited in by a man in a suit. Every little detail was just delightful. I even had to take a photo of the dressing room number.

Paper Crown + Rifle Paper Co

I spoke to Lauren about scrapbooking and documenting our lives and she mentioned that her mom used to scrapbook and even attend conventions. She is so sweet and even more stunning in person, yet completely down to earth. If that even makes sense. And she's super sweet. Did I mention she was sweet?

The timing of it all worked out great - I got back to Umami in time to still enjoy a warm truffle burger and fries. The only thing I somewhat regret about the morning was not being a bit more prepared for the pop-up. I knew that I would treat myself to a thing or 2 while I was there. Had I known I was going to be meeting both of them in person (I didn't even have business cards on me!) I would have put on some make up. I would have had a sample of the scrapbooks or mini books or journals I like to work on. I would have shown Anna the minibook I sewed together featuring one of her "Special Delivery" stickers. I thought about all this stuff as I was taking these photos when we got home and Jack went down for his nap. But then I realized it was a wonderful adventure because I didn't really know what to expect. So I'm grateful for having made it a priority and I loved the entire experience.

Hope your Valentine's Day weekend is full of doing things that you love!