amy tangerine Big Magic quote

Digging: the fact that I am taking more chances and stretching myself creatively. With new risks and adventures and projects, I feel my horizons are expanding, and hopefully inspiring others to do things out of their comfort zone too. Also digging the fact that there are almost 15,000 subscribers to my YouTube channel! OMG you all, thank you! 

Not Digging: making more mistakes than usual. I know it comes with the territory of trying new things and taking chances, but I can't believe I forgot 2 letters in "participate" for this Monday quote, and I went ahead and posted it that way! Thankful to the people who let me know! How embarrassing. But really cool that Elizabeth Gilbert herself commented! I took a screenshot before deleting the photo on Instagram.

Drinking: water as usual. I've also had cravings for Bud Light Cheladas, which I know sounds gross but dang they taste good to me. Look it up, try it if you're of legal drinking age and you like bloody mary's. I think it's a lighter refreshing twist.

Eating: a mix of a food from restaurants and our kitchen. I've been on a Blue Apron kick but am considering trying Plated. Anyone done both before and have a preference?

Watching: Homeland (current season), Mr. Robot (season 1) and YouTube's Emma Approved (Easy to binge watch, and I'm on episode 18)

Reading: Big Magic - loving it and highly recommend it although I am only half way through.

Listening: to too much kids music - need to get songs like 5 Little Monkeys out of my head. Podcasts - Magic Lessons,  Elise Gets Crafty - I was recently on episode 074, Using Video Creatively and The Lively Show.

Feeling: excited! Even more than usual!

Weather: SO HOT. I've been trying to run early in the mornings three times a week. I got a new fitbit charge HR (I exchanged the non HR grey for black HR) and have been trying to hit 10,000 steps a day. It's not that easy folks!

Wanting: the heat to end. I like warm weather, but 90 in October is a little much.

Needing: air conditioning in our house!

Wishing: there were just a couple more hours in the day.

Hoping: to get Design On Time Season 2 going again very soon!

Thinking: you should come see me (and all the amazing creatives) at Craftcation Conference next year! It's in beautiful Ventura, California and it's managed to get better every year, which is amazing because it started off so awesome.

Jack at the beach
Jack at the beach

Enjoying: all the things Jack is learning and saying. He's also becoming more social, which is nice to see. While we were in San Diego on vacation this past long weekend (JC went to the Steelers game with his cousin and friend on Monday night), Jack enjoyed the beach. We adopted a little almost three year old who really wanted to play with us instead of his family. It was adorable and so fun watching them interact. Jack''s always been funny, but lately he is cracking us up more than usual. He likes to say: "My do it", "Not that one" which we are trying to consistently turn into, "Not that one please", and "Hap Birt to you!". He likes to sing the abc song and for some reason when he counts to ten, he very often leaves off 6 and 7. Also, he was fascinated with the carpeted stairs at the beach house we rented!

Jack on the stairs

Loving: making tee shirts and mousepads and all kinds of creative stuff with my ProWorld Heat Press. They are giving one away on their Instagram and kindly let me give one away on mine too! Check out the posts here and here and just follow the instructions to enter!