Creative Handbook Practice 2

It seems like many of you have already signed up to receive your free handbook. And then some of you are even diving right into it. We've gotten such positive feedback and are thrilled that you all are enjoying it. Do you ever wake up and feel completely overwhelmed with your day? Anxiety drains us of energy and steals joy from our lives, and most times that feeling stems from a lack of clarity and purpose.  

I've been thinking a lot about habits in general. More specifically I've tried to instill simple habits that can become the cornerstone for living every day to the fullest. I have started a regular practice that has completely changed my life by creating more intention and momentum to each day. 

Check out this video to learn more about how one practice that takes just five minutes every morning (five minutes people!) can truly change your life. 

We are loving seeing what you're sharing. Emily and Adeen sent me an email sharing a link to a blog post of Practice 1. So awesome, ladies! If you missed the part 1 video, you can find it here

If you have started in on your handbook we'd love to see your work.  Share on facebook or instagram with #amytangerinehandbook and leave a link in the comments! We will be featuring some of our favorites in an upcoming video!