A little video project

In case you were wondering, JC and I are not actors. Jack acts funny sometimes and enjoys performing for an audience, but he is not an actor either. Although I have been an extra before in several random things way back in the day. Does anyone remember the show, "In the Heat of the Night"? I was an extra in an episode when I was 15. My dad had to take the day off of work to take me to a studio in Georgia pretty far from our house. I think I may have even had to miss school. I got paid $75 or $100 to stand next to a guy in a uniform and we had our photo taken as if we were a couple. It was for a flashback scene where we were the young versions in a black and white photo of the people who were the actual actors. Anyway, it was a fun random experience that my dad vowed not to do again, mainly because he had to miss work (he loves work and is still doing it today at the age of 72!) and didn't see the whole thing being worth either his or my time.

Fast forward to the end of last year when JC was approached by a friend of a friend for a grad school final project. He needed a family to shoot for a "commercial". Here is how the project was described to us: The app is kind of a next generation way we take and share moments/photos. A dad is at home (park, etc) and has a moment with his child, snaps a pic and writes something. His wife looks at the new addition to their 'album' while at work; she's recentered and smiles. And a follow up scene to wrap it up. The 'script' will prob change around what and when you are available, kind of adapting to what works.

We were happy to be able to help out, especially since the acting was minimal. It made sense to shoot JC in an office at work. And it worked out really nicely for me and Jack and I were shot in our living room at home. Alex came over one morning and we were able to get it all done in under an hour, as he had a really good idea of the shots he needed and wanted. Here is the video by Alexander Livingston.

I am wearing a sweater from Varga. Jack is wearing a hand me down sweater by GAP from a dear friend. The book Jack is reading is called Planes. Happy to report that Alexander's project was a success and that he graduated! And I am grateful that we use (and love) a similar type of photo sharing concept with Photo Stream. So cool having our little family be a part of this project.