Workspace Wednesday

amy tangerine studio

This could potentially be my only full day in the studio today as I have been called in for jury duty tomorrow at 8:30am. It feels like weeks since I've been here, with CHA and then a wonderful long weekend getaway just me and JC.

amy tangerine's planner 1.20.15

Yesterday I spent much of the day taking care of those pesky errands that linger and I just needed to get done. One of them involved the DMV and the other involved getting Jack's passport application sent out. Both were not all that complicated, but the time allowed for each one always seems to be more than you'd expect. I tried to put on an attitude of gratitude and did my best to just go with the flow, and I rewarded myself with lunch at Chick-Fil-A and then an afternoon working. I followed it up with taking the dogs and Jack for a long walk and came back craving Ramen noodles.

amy tangerine's studio
amy tangerine's studio

I know it's a mess, but I spy some cleared desk space and piles that need my attention. I suppose I could have tidied up a little bit before snapping these photos with my iPhone, but that would have taken more than a minute. Thanks for not judging my working studio! Hope you all have a productive Wednesday and that no one else has to look forward to jury duty tomorrow.