Books as gifts

amy tangerineSeriously folks, Jennifer Mcguire is one of the sweetest people I know. Not only did she generously pass down some awesome maternity hand-me-downs while I was pregnant, she also showered Jack with tons of gifts! One of my favorite packages she sent us when Jack was born was a big box of wrapped books. She took the time to write out a little of what she and her family loved about every single one of them.amy tangerineamy tangerineamy tangerineI still have several of them wrapped and will open them in the near future. Thanks again Jennifer - you are the best! And if you're looking for a gift idea for a little one this holiday season (or anytime, really) - I think this is one of the best presents ever.

Belly Button Book! | Wheels on the Bus | I Know a Rhino (current fave that gets read at least 3 times before bed).