Jack's playroom (before + after)

amy tangerineThough it's not huge, Jack's playroom is a big part of what keeps our sanity in check around here. It's a room dedicated just for his toys and he can play and make messes as he pleases. Though every once in a while, it's nice to arrange things a bit and get the cars out of the oven in his kitchen, books back on the shelf, etc. Here's how it looked before...amy tangerineAnd here it is after some straightening up while he was at the Y...amy tangerineamy tangerineamy tangerineBut it can't remain clean for too long, so here he is back doing what he does best.amy tangerinePlay, read, play, push buttons, cook in the kitchen, push some cars around, throw a couple things, pretend to be tired and do it all over again! We have been reading Dear Zoo and Peek A Who over and over again lately.amy tangerineI'm looking for a good table - maybe a train table for the middle or corner of his room. Would love to hear your suggestions on that or anything else I should consider as we enter the world of standing (currently) and walking (not quite yet)! Photos by Jamie Waters