New print in an old frame

Recently on a trip to the flea market, we purchased a number of frames that we knew we were going to replace with photos or art. We have this idea to make a mixed collage wall somewhere in our house, maybe in the hallway, maybe elsewhere. This is one of the grey frames we got, solely for the frame. Jack got this adorable Elephant print by Kay Vincent for his birthday (thanks KP for toting all the way from London!), and it matched the frame nicely, except it needed to be cut down. amy tangerineThe back of the frame: the canvas was placed directly in the frame, without glass covering. I love how it's all wired up and ready to hang.amy tangerineIdeally you would use some thin needle nose pliers to pull out the nails, but I used regular sized pliers. I didn't want to take out all the nails as I didn't know how difficult it would be to put them back in.amy tangerineLeaving most of the bottom nails in, I carefully slid the canvas out of the frame from the top.amy tangerineI trimmed the elephant print to fit in the frame.amy tangerineCarefully, I slid the elephant print into the frame first. Then slowly, I added the original canvas back in so that it would provide sturdy backing behind the print. I did end up nailing a few of the nails back into the frame but it was pretty sturdy even without all of them.amy tangerineamy tangerineI love how it turned out. Now we just have to hang it up! Do you have a great source for frames or art prints? Would be eager to hear about your favorites in the comments!