a fun surprise

A couple weeks ago, I received an email with the subject line "Surprise for my wife!". It went something like this:

Hello Amy! This week I am visiting Chicago with my wife. She likes to scrapbook but scrapbooking supplies are very hard to find in Spain; can you list some shops here in Chicago where we can buy her material to take back with us. Thanks in advance!!!

So then I wrote back:

How sweet of you! I am not familiar with too many scrapbook shops that are left in the city, unfortunately. There is Paper Source on Armitage and a store called Art Effect that I really like on the same street. There is a stationery store called Greer that is lovely as well.

As for actual scrapbook supplies though, it's tough. How long will you be in Chicago? If you want, I can put together a package if you tell me how much you want to spend, and I can mail it from Los Angeles if you provide an address. It probably wouldn't arrive to you until Saturday if we mailed it this afternoon.

Enjoy Chicago! And please eat some Lou Malnati's spinach or sausage deep dish pizza for me!

We exchanged a couple more emails and he decided it would be best to address the specially curated package to his sister-in-law who was staying in the hotel room next to theirs. While the package was in transit, I received a note saying they had gone to Michaels and picked up the "Best of" paper pad.amy tangerineThen I received an email that the package had indeed arrived!amy tangerineThere was also a cute photo of her kissing her amazingly thoughtful husband.

Major points for him!