livened up the living room

amy tangerineThe living room is slowly but surely coming together. I love our new additions of vases and succulents! The yellow bunch is actually from the grocery store down the street, as Instagrammed here. We visited the Long Beach Antique Market  a few weeks ago and picked up the vases, just the perfect pop of color. The succulents in the driftwood are from Alchemy Fine Living. How unique do they look?! I love how they bring just the right amount of the outside in.IMG_1232Other house posts can be found here, and here. Side note: If you're noticing the Kelly Purkey red washi tape on the remote control that Jack has in his hands, it's to indicate which one is his, as opposed to daddy's. Several months ago, we discovered that he loved remote controls and wanted to press all the buttons. Several times he has changed the channels so we removed the batteries in a spare one and let him play with it. Which right now means dropping it constantly, except for this moment that Jamie captured perfectly.