IMG_8176.JPGOur sweet 9 year old Jack Russell, Buster, has been in the hospital for 6 nights after being diagnosed with AIHA. He's received 3 blood transfusions, and his red blood cell count has gone up and down. Up and down. He's had complications like throwing clots. We feel so helpless, but know the doctors are doing the best that they can for him. This was taken on Sunday night after his 3rd transfusion:IMG_8283.JPGI posted some updates on Instagram, but wanted to do so here as well. I hesitated to post more about it sooner as the days and nights have been rough, but we remain hopeful especially after reading comments of others who have been through something similar with their fur babies. I cannot thank you enough for your continued thoughts. Our hearts are aching and we just cannot wait to have him home.

UPDATE: HE IS HOME! There's a long road ahead with 5 different medications and injections he needs 3 times a day, around the clock care, but we are so glad we busted him right out of the hospital. Words cannot express how grateful we are for all your comments, thoughts and prayers!!