Happy Handmade Home in the house!

Yesterday was National Dog Day, which I didn't realize was a thing until I saw a bunch of posts of pups in my IG feed. My dogs would probably tell you I forgot because of a little guy named Jack. But rest assured, we still love you both, Buster and Bamboo! Yesterday we also received A Beautiful Mess Happy Handmade Home!Buster and Bamboo love A Happy Handmade HomeCongrats ladies on your second book!! It will join the first one A Beautiful Mess Photo Idea book on our library cart soon. I flipped through it briefly and it's so cool and fun, just like Elsie + Emma's blog. Speaking of cool, Elsie used our phrase Thickers in this album for her sister. Note: The foam stickers seem to be sold out everywhere except Sakura Lala and Amazon.