Library cart as a book shelf... heck yes

bookshelf:library cartWe needed to fill this space in our living room with something other than the exersaucer that Jack has seemed to have outgrown. We went back and forth many times debating on shelves, cubes, or even a library card catalog. Finally we decided on a library cart. It just happened to match our walls, but we are entertaining the idea of spray painting it.Amy Tangerine | library cartAmy Tangerine | library cartSome of our favorites: More Things Like This | The Wes Anderson Collection | Home by Novogratz | Things I Have Learned In My Life So Far | Infinite Jest | 1Q84 We plan on changing the styling of the shelf up every so often - maybe even adding some plants and other random objects. But for now, the main focus is this awesome print by Read Between the Lines.