Jack @ 10 months

Jack at 10 months | Amy Tangerine10 Things about Jack at 10 months || We are all big fans of this Radio Flyer 4 in 1 Trike! 1. Weighs 19 pounds 8 ounces, is 29 inches long and still has a pretty large noggin. 2. Has started to help "clean up" by putting the shapes from his shape sorter back into the bucket. 3. The sign language is really sticking - he can sign dog, more, all done, milk, eat, and aunt. 4. Has finally gotten over his hatred of diaper changes, although we do them really fast now. 5. Is a champ at giving high fives. 6. He's a great eater like his parents and seems to especially love meat. 7. Less interested in purees and really into finger foods. Like steak. And salmon sashimi. Yes, for real. 8. Likes to "share" toys with us, other babies, and the dogs. 9. Wakes up saying "da da da" most mornings. 10. Dances when there's music on and continues to delight us every single day.