8 months

20140519-063300-23580368.jpg20140519-063300-23580927.jpgCollage made with A Beautiful Mess app It's true what they say - time sure does fly. Jack's been commando crawling up a storm, still not on hands and knees, but he sure can get to where he needs to go quickly. He had his first booboo while in a high chair at a restaurant. He decided it would be fun to gnaw on the front rail, but he banged his head on the table and has a little bruise on his nose, in between his eyes. He still doesn't have any teeth, but if really feels like it will be any day now. He loves his pureed foods, though he has been working on his finger foods. He can pick them up but has only made it go successfully into his mouth once. Happy go lucky most of the time, his vocalizations have become quite loud and he can now whine and grunt. He loves being outside and still loves his tubby time, which has now been moved to my bathroom sink. He is difficult during diaper changes, wanting to roll over and make it really hard to change his diaper without something in his hands to keep him busy. Man is he keeping us busy and on our toes. And we are loving it. Happy 8 months (yesterday) Jack!