Inspiration wall

Amy Tangerine's inspiration wallThere's a small area in my studio where I planned on putting up little bits of inspiration with pieces of washi tape. I haven't made much progress from this Instagram taken at the beginning of March and the first Instagram taken the beginning of this year. . Some things have been moved around, and I just added this piece by Mye De Leon, a new sponsor you'll see on the sidebar. Mye took Kal's Life Scripted class (which you can still sign up for!), and decided to start this little business to support her son's growing medical needs. You can read more about Alphonse on her blog. The print is a custom request - something I am trying to remain mindful of - being present, instead of always looking ahead and worrying about what that looks like. The giclee print probably should be framed, but in the mean time I took a piece of MT Casa washi tape and love that it's hanging up right now at this very moment. I am excited to add more inspiring pieces to the wall and to see what sticks.