Class at Studio Crescendoh

Last Saturday morning, Jack woke up crying at 4am stuck in the top right corner of his crib. He was in an awkward L position and there was no chance of him going back to sleep on his own. I picked him up, gave him a cuddle and decided to bring him back to our bed, hopeful for a couple more hours of sleep before my alarm was to go off at 6:30. Thankfully it worked. JC was looking forward to some quality father/son time and I was looking forward to teaching a class at Studio Crescendoh. My mom and I got the car packed up and drove down to Santa Ana to spend a few hours with a wonderful group of ladies. The format for this workshop was slightly different than others, really laid back (well, they are all pretty laid back usually), with me not only demonstrating techniques, but also creating alongside these creative and talented women. We used watercolors and stamps, collaged and embroidered, and really just played. Although it would have been nice to have Jack there - it turned out we were all in our happy place.20140412-183452.jpg20140415-094430.jpg20140415-094400.jpg20140412-183525.jpg20140412-183551.jpg20140412-183600.jpg20140412-183612.jpg20140412-183652.jpg20140412-183708.jpg20140415-094417.jpg20140415-094656.jpg20140415-094712.jpgThanks to everyone who joined. Thanks to Jenny for having me in your amazing studio space. Thanks to my mom for running the little shop we had set up in the hallway. When I got home, Jack was already on his 2nd nap after Daddy took him for an adventure and shopped for groceries for dinner. It was so nice to come home and just be able to relax. I almost didn't know what to do with myself. And at that moment, it was finding the time to just be in the moment, to appreciate what a sweet Saturday it was. And a few minutes later, it became even sweeter because Jack woke up!