Baby books

20140311-225634.jpgEven though we received these as gifts for Jack, they seem like they were made for me. They are from a wonderful friend named Heidi who always comes to the classes at Paper Tales. In fact I don't remember a single one she has missed. I've just decided she's one of the best curators for books. She chose Hands, First Book of Sushi and Beautiful OOPS. She used to be in publishing and has actually worked with Barney Saltzberg before. The Beautiful OOPS book is definitely a favorite - every single page is an interactive work of art. So whimsical and fun. I know Jack (and I) will love it for years to come. These are such amazing books, what a perfect gift - thanks Heidi!20140311-225643.jpgWe are always looking to grow Jack's library. Do you all have favorite books for little ones? Would love to hear your selections in the comments.