Jack does Vegas right

20140214-210044.jpgVegas may not seem like the ideal place to take a 4 and half month old for their second trip on a plane, but because Aunty Cindy was there for a Physical Therapy conference last month, it was a must do for us. Cindy has been in Chicago since the beginning of January doing a clinical/internship so it's the longest she had gone without seeing Jack. It was the first time I had flown with Jack by myself, and he did great the entire journey. I am including going to the airport (thank goodness for Uber) and also hanging out at the Delta Sky Club and on board the 40 minute flight. He flirted with the woman in the seat next to us chatting up a storm, and then poor guy fell asleep 5 minutes before landing. He got only a 10 minute nap, but was delighted by all the lights and sights in the airport. He got high roller treatment as the driver and silver stretch limo were waiting for us upon arrival. The driver was surprised we didn't have any luggage, only a diaper bag. My mom (Jack's ahpo) actually took a later flight and had a suitcase with our stuff (mostly diapers).20140214-210110.jpg I had the limo swing by Caesar's Palace to pick up Cindy and 3 of her friends. Upon arriving to the Aria Sky Suites, we were really impressed with all the decorations still up from Lunar New Year. There was a red carpet (perhaps that is always there), and gorgeous flowers and golden Asian touches.Aria20140214-210128.jpg20140214-210157.jpg20140214-210230.jpgOne of the things I look most forward to is The Buffet. I mean, they cut their crab legs for you. So easy and oh so delicious.20140223-165855.jpgJack fell asleep while at dinner, and I may have accidentally dripped some butter on the Ergo.20140214-210301.jpg20140214-210356.jpg20140214-210333.jpgThe next morning was leisurely. While Ahpo watched Jack, I took a little time to walk around the hotel and even managed to squeeze in a much needed visit to the spa. Cindy finished up her morning meeting and we were planning on all going to lunch.20140223-170016.jpg20140223-170555.jpg But when we got back to the room, Jack was still asleep. Instead of going to get lunch, we decided to order room service. That decision made my belly very happy.20140214-210428.jpg20140214-210440.jpg20140223-170612.jpgMaybe on our next visit, we will spend more than 24 hours and actually venture out of the hotel.