HSN wrap up

I'll be honest, I was very nervous the week leading up to going on live TV. There were months of preparation going into the whole thing with making samples and arranging travel and finalizing details, but not too much time focused on the fact that it would be 3 different 8-9 minute segments. I worked hard to put together projects and sent kits to Ali Edwards and Paige Evans to make some things for the broadcast. But something happened a couple days before it and I began to relax about it a little more. Someone told me that many well-known celebrities, including Martha Stewart still get a bit nervous too. I could hardly believe it, and it made me realize that we're all human and just trying to do the best we can. So I talked myself into shaking it off and just focusing on trying to relax and go with it. There were no rehearsals and that made me a bit uneasy, but the pre-show meetings with the production team and hosts made me feel a bit more comfortable. Plus they said to just be me. So I did. But this time time really fancy hair and fabulous make up.20140328-082449.jpgIt also helped to have my BFF there - she just happened to be about an hour and half away so she drove in and assisted in set up and provided tons of moral support and laughter. And she was there when Martha said hello to us and again when she walked by while setting the table up and she said, "Oh... cute." It was a definite highlight. Thanks again for all who sent words of encouragement, tuned in, and ordered - I am humbled by all the awesome support and enthusiasm.

Because Plus One was the top selling signature line released in winter 2014, it's sold out in many stores and online. But rest assured, you can still get your hands on some of the discounted bundles on HSN.

The bundles include:

Amy Tangerine Plus One Collection a paper crafting kit, Amy Tangerine Plus One Collection an embroidery stencil kit,336791_AC_ATplusone_plusoneupsellembellishmentkitan embellishment kit, Amy Tangerine Plus One Collection and a stamp and marker kit.

And there are tons of different cool things you can make with these bundles. A bunch of bloggers worked up some great items and in case you missed any of the previous Plus One project posts, here's Part One, Part Two, and Part Three!