Art Journaling

My love for paper and ephemera dates back vividly to the 5th grade when I became obsessed with Sanrio products. I would use allowance money to buy mechanical pencils, erasers and stickers. On occasion I would splurge for the gum. In junior high, I would exchange notes with friends and we would make one another journals and create stationery with hand drawn elements. In high school I spent time cutting apart magazines and making mega collages for my walls and smaller ones for friends. We would decorate notebooks and pass quote journals back and forth. During all of these phases, I enjoyed every bit of the process and to this day feel that those creative practices are still important to infuse daily. While I usually just do it in the comfort of my own studio by myself, I am so excited to be sharing the new processes in person in STUDIO CRESCENDOh on April 12!crescendohThis is something I have been wanting to do for quite sometime - not only teaching a class, but also being in a studio creating along with everyone. It's a 3 hour session, and the first time I am doing this type of workshop. There are limited spots available! To read more about it and to sign up, visit CRESCENDOh. I know so many of you can't make it in person, so perhaps you'll want to check out a class I contributed to - Art Journaling E-Course with Rachel Denbow on A Beautiful Mess!