From head to toe

Amy and Jack selfieOur 4 and half month old (20 weeks tomorrow) has been keeping us busy busy. We transitioned him to his crib in his own room a couple weeks ago and it's been wonderful for everyone. He can wake up in the middle of the night and talk himself right back to sleep all he wants. Thankful we are finally getting more rest ourselves. A 6-7 hour stretch?! Yes, please!! He's drooling like crazy still and yesterday at our Mommy & Me class decided he would roll over a bunch of times. Now he can do both tummy to back and back to tummy! It's making me happy and nervous at the same time. Which I suppose is all a part of motherhood and my life going forward. As you can see, his hair still stands straight up, but is getting a little wave in it because it's getting so long. Oh and he's found his feet and boy, are they a delight! Changing his diaper has become quite the task, as his nimble little body contorts all kinds of crazy ways and his toe finds his way to his mouth. We love every single inch of this guy.20140204-101957.jpg