Before Your Story

BYWM.ClassDescription_revI’m participating in Jennifer Wilson’s 34 Things Blog Party to celebrate all about me scrapbooking and her upcoming Big Picture Classes workshop, Before Your Story. If you're looking for a simple approach to autobiographical scrapbooking, from birth to adulthood - this may be just what you need.Amy Tan10 Things I want Jack to know about me before I became his mom. Photo taken December 2012.

1. Although I have traveled all over the world (and hope you will want to do the same), there is truly no place like home. 2. As much as I like the idea of it, I don't think I could ever be a vegetarian. 3. I love taking photos of everyday moments - umm, this is probably something you have figured out by now. 4. I used to be able to multi task. 5. Your Auntie Courtney and I used to love going to dance class together at the gym when she lived in LA. I will never be as good of a dancer as her, but it's one of my favorite things to do, as long as it's not in a club. 6. After the age of 30, when presented with an opportunity that was appealing, I usually said yes just to explore new things. 7. I was once called fierce by a mentor and thought it was one of the best compliments ever. 8. I had bad vision for a majority of my life, so I couldn't see the alarm clock until I put my glasses on, or until after I got Lasik right before my 30th birthday. Wondering what an old alarm clock looks like? Google it. 9. As a child I had a lot of cavities. And most of my life I have preferred salty to sweet. 10. I'm happiest when others around me are happy.

In Before Your Story you’ll learn a simple approach to autobiographical scrapbooking and create an album that captures your story, from birth to adulthood. Class begins February 27. For more information and to sign up, visit Big Picture Classes!