Snapshots from our weekend

20140119-210013.jpg20140119-210116.jpg20140119-210024.jpg20140119-210147.jpg20140119-210056.jpg20140119-210232.jpg20140119-210201.jpg20140119-210258.jpg20140119-210420.jpg20140119-210222.jpg20140119-210329.jpgthewallaceJack turned 4 months old on Saturday. Because of his recent sleep regression (he went from waking once a night to 2 times most nights, on occasion 3 times!), we decided to finish prepping his room so that he could finally move into it. He wouldn't cry when he woke up, instead he was a total chatterbox and would talk a lot and at a high enough volume for both JC and I to be awake. I got this book and did some speed reading and made the move to his room last night. And I am so happy to report that it was successful. Of course I was probably more nervous than anyone else. He slept from 8pm to 6am! There were several times when he woke up and had a little chat with himself and his new surroundings, but on the monitor it wasn't as loud. Of course all of this could change tonight or in the next few days, but for now I will hold onto this bit of happiness and feelings of a good night's rest. Back to our weekend - we spent most of it at home, although JC and I did do a date night on Saturday. Thanks Ahpo for babysitting! We went to the Wallace and enjoyed a lot of good eats. The grilled cauliflower, carmelized onion and blue cheese dip, and short rib ravioli were some of our favorites. We talked about how funny that nights out for dinner used to happen so frequently, and now they are rather rare. Both grateful for having the many fantastic meals we did at restaurants long ago, but also thankful for what is now mostly home cooked goodness. We also broke out the Cuisinart Baby Food Maker and Bottle Warmer that JC got mommy for Christmas. Thinking about solids for the little guy soon. So there's our weekend in a nutshell - food, hanging out in the backyard, working on the first week of Project Life, evaluating the studio mess, and me mistakenly thinking that Bamboo's birthday was the 19th. She actually turns 8 on the 26th. Hope to not be so sleep deprived next weekend!