The story of us (right now)

family selfieOur little family of 3 is getting into a nice rhythm (which will likely change now that I have typed it out). At 7 weeks, here is where we are.Jack:  Such a happy baby. Smiling a lot, pooping a lot, and clenching his fists a ton. Still has a bit of baby acne popping up on random days in different parts of his face. Loves people. Loves having conversations with people and going on adventures in his stroller and in the car. Has been getting baths every day, but we only wash his hair every other day. It gets a bit greasy like his mama's, but is starting to look a bit lighter like his dad's. Wearing 3 month sized clothing already. And rocking the hoodies. Wakes up 1 time in the night and around 5:30 or 6 in the morning. Goes for a walk daily in his stroller. Loves getting his vitamin D drops daily and probably doesn't enjoy the song I made up for it, but I can't help myself from singing it every time. Likes to say "arooooo" which I am pretty sure means "i love you". JC and JackJC: Such a good daddy. Has morning conversations with Jack in our bed. Usually around this time I get a shower. Delights in Jack's noises- both from his mouth and his behind. Wakes up in the middle of the night to change Jack's diaper. Still works in Santa Monica and is getting used to the traffic and commute (really, it's only about 6 miles but can take anywhere from 15-45 minutes). Enjoying cooking and eating meals at home as a family - most nights with his parents who are here for a few months and staying in our garage apartment. Only playing golf about once a week. Is convinced Jack will not be a musician as he seems to enjoy my singing which is totally off key. Honest and takes really good care of Jack and me.Amy + JackMe: Such a happy mama. Loving the little routines we have going. Is so grateful to have mommy (Jack's Ahpo) nearby. Enjoying having JC's parents close as well. Delights in seeing people light up around Jack. Melts when Jack smiles. Realizes there's a reason most people take a maternity leave of 12 weeks. Loves watching our home come together. Is finding a bit more time (30 minute chunks) to work on various projects. Takes way too many photos in general all on the iPhone (posts about 1% of them to Instagram) and needs to be better about editing and deleting from my camera roll. Getting more and more used to going with the flow and appreciating the balancing act of life right now. So thankful for such a happy, healthy baby and family. So full of gratitude, it's not even funny.