Our travel wall

At first we were thinking about tearing down this little wall that separates the kitchen from the dining room/living area. Then we realized that it was probably 1) too costly to do right away 2) holding up part of the house & should likely stay. We decided to make it a mini gallery of photos from some of our travels.persnickety prints | Amy TanI placed an order of 8x8 and 8x10 matte photos from Persnickety Prints mounted on black foam core. You can read more about the process here. I like it because it's lightweight and a cheaper alternative to frames. Plus we plan on switching up the prints on the wall, and this way it can easily be done. We have them hanging to the wall with putty. So far it hasn't lifted the paint, but we are armed with a small can of touch up, just in case. I love that Persnickety's shipping rates are so reasonable, and their service is fast and friendly. I stock up my cart and then as soon as I receive it, I like to spread it all out.persnickety prints | Amy TanThis was how the wall looked for a few weeks.persnickety prints | Amy TanThen we rearranged and added some more, and this is the way it looks currently - dishes in the drying rack in the background and all.Persnickety Prints | Amy TanFrom top to bottom, photos of our adventures (all iPhone pics) from: Kichaka - South Africa; Frankfurt, Germany; Barcelona, Spain; Waiheke Island, New Zealand; Phuket, Thailand; Melbourne, Australia. While taking a short break from international travel, it's nice to be able to have a daily reminder of how lucky we are to have been on many adventures abroad and to also have a place to call home.