5 for Friday

1. 2. Last night we went out for the first time as parents - (Instagrammed here). It was for an amazing cause - a charity event/holiday party for Foster Care Counts. The governor Jerry Brown and former mayor Antonio Villaraigosa were in attendance, as were dozens of folks who contributed to gifting foster kids hundreds of laptops. 3. skip hop activity gymJack is starting to spend more time out of his swing and on this awesome Skip Hop Treetop Friends Activity Mat. He loves kicking and staring at the animals and started batting his fist (which made it look like he was punching) the bird the other day.

4. I was asked the other day if I purposely did Jack's hair like that - he has been rocking a mohawk since he was about 3 weeks old. But ummm, it actually sticks up all on its own. And no, I don't use any product. I suppose if I wanted it to lay down flat, then I could, but then again I wouldn't because I think it would be weird to put hair products other than shampoo on a baby. So spikey hair it is!

5. Aloha!! I tried to take some time off of teaching, but this opportunity was a little too hard to resist.Eblast AmyTan_DecWkshops1 So excited to be invited back to Ben Franklin in Hawaii to teach 2 classes. Mahalo!