We made it 6 weeks, yo

20131029-164130.jpgLast Friday I went to the doctor for my follow up appointment and got the go-ahead to resume all normal activities. YAY! Part of me wanted to jump up and down at this news, but honestly I think it still would have hurt. I am glad the incision from my C-section is healing nicely and that I haven't taken more than 1 Motrin per day in over a week. In fact now I can't even remember the last time I took one. Although I feel good, I have been advised by several friends who have had C-sections to still take it easy. And JC and my mom are still not letting me lift anything heavy. Which also means I don't have to assemble any of the IKEA stuff we got for the guest house. Score. But I did finally take the dogs for a walk! While playing in the backyard with them has been great, there was a strange sense of accomplishment I felt inside after I made it down the street and back with these 3. My mom was a bit worried at first, so she came along for a bit and snapped these photos.

I've learned quite a few things in my short one and a half month stint as a mom, so I thought I would share some of them.

  • It can take as long as 3 hours to eat a salad, or lunch in general. And I don't mean in the leisurely way, more like the take a couple bites, feed a baby, change a diaper, return an email, remember you had a salad, take another bite, yell at the dogs for barking and repeat kind of way.
  • Losing just a couple drops of breast milk makes me cringe.
  • If I read the NY Times Sunday Styles section by the following Saturday, I have accomplished a lot.
  • Jack's smile can melt not only me, but also complete strangers.
  • Hiring a housekeeper was one of the best decisions we've made. She wanted a job as a nanny, but I want to hold my baby, not scrub my toilet.
  • Not too tempted to have an alcoholic beverage. Yet. Although at times the thought of a margarita gets my mouth watering.
  • Although at a breast feeding support group I went to recently, they recommended drinking 1 dark beer a day to help with a gassy baby.
  • I'm 4 pounds away from going back to my pre-pregnancy weight. But I have a feeling these pounds will take a while to shed (if they do at all), and I am perfectly fine with it.
  • This little guy loves going on adventures. Thank goodness for our amazing car seat and travel system.
  • So far Jack has been to Costco and Target multiple times. He's also been to many shops on Montana Ave in Santa Monica, DSW Shoes, Panini Garden, Pho City, Carter's, Trader Joe's, Sprouts and Yogurtland. Most of the places he slept through completely.
  • Strangely, I don't mind unsolicited advice. Although a couple comments on Instagram about the Baby Bjorn I got as a hand-me-down sent me into a bit of a frenzy, texting my cousin (who is studying physical therapy at USC) and a few mom friends. And of course I went to google and about drove myself nuts for about 30 minutes. Then I calmed down and realized that I am just trying to do my best and the 2 hours Jack spent napping with his legs dangling probably will not do any long-term damage. I do have a couple other wraps and carriers that I am going to test out as well to see what works best for us. And I even tried walking the dogs with Jack in the stroller, but it proved to be an extremely difficult task. I am sure with a little practice it will get easier.
  • Jack loves baths and recently has been going about 5 hours between feedings at night. Which meant that the past 2 nights I only had to wake up once. YAHOO!
  • I have figured out the sure fire way to wake my baby up (not that I feel the need to ever do that). Simply starting a project of any kind will usually do the trick. Or it could happen just as it did last night where we had just finished cooking dinner and were about to sit down to eat. Yup, his timing is pretty impeccable.
  • Jack is so very loved by people near and far!