Life Lately

Amy + JackThis is what life looks like and we are all loving it. Can't believe Jack is over 3 weeks old already. Though it's been challenging adjusting a bit to his schedule, we are enjoying every bit. I've finally been taking everyone's advice about trying to take it easy and actually take time off of work. When I was pregnant, aside from the first trimester, my energy level was high. I was able to pretty much accomplish tasks as needed, as long as it didn't include bending over to pick up something that I dropped. The to-do list items were getting checked off, and then I began nesting. And that's when I may have over committed to a couple of work obligations. I had no idea this little guy would swallow up so much of my time. Aren't newborns supposed to sleep all the time? Isn't that when I should be able to get more than a shower, laundry and a meal or too in? How about a little work? Well, reality is that it's not enough time. The hours fly by and before I know it, JC is home from work and I am yawning away. Fortunately I have an amazing team of people who are willing to help. And only just over 3 weeks to go where I have to take it easy because of the C-section. And I have some more than understanding clients. But I hate letting people down, missing deadlines and generally not being able to accomplish as much as I think I should in a day. But the fact is that work these days has taken on a whole new meaning, one that I am trying to adjust to as best as I can. A lot of people told me that becoming a mother would be one of the best things to ever happen, and while I believed them, I am now actually living that dream. And they're right. We are feeling lucky and oh so blessed. And a bit tired at times. Here's what we've been up to.Jack's 3 weeks old collageJack's 3 weeks old collageJack's 3 weeks old collage Thankful to have such a demanding and yet understanding new boss named Jack ;)