Friday Favorites

In an effort to keep up with blogging, I thought it would be fun to alternate between a Five For Friday and Friday Favorites post each week. Basically they are the same thing and have different names, but that's how my indecisive mind wants to work right now. I am blaming it all on baby brain (which morphs into mommy brain and never goes away, I am told). In any case, it's just going to be a list of 5 fun and perhaps random unrelated things.

  1. Life. Paper. Scrapbook. - Issue #3 of this gorgeous online magazine started by Australian designer Manda is looking fantastic. Check it out here.
  2. This awesome desktop wallpaper which sums up so much going on in life right now from Design Love Fest.
  3. While trying to photograph some of my favorite things for baby Jack, someone decided to sneak into the photo. Buster is convinced that all this stuff can't possibly be for Jack. He doesn't care about the festive skulls diapers (Jack's wearing size 1 now) from Honest Company, but he does want those stuffed animals. What an awesome basket of goodies, American Crafts! Thanks so much. And this Skip Hop Chevron Diaper Bag from my friend Katrine is what has been replacing my purse lately. I just transfer my wallet and sunglasses back and forth. It also has the perfect sized pocket for my iphone.
  4. 20131017-215922.jpgCourtney Jaye does an amazing rendition of Neil Young's Lotta Love. Sit back and have a little listen here.

  5. Can't believe this little guy is one month old today!20131017-202518.jpg