Deep thoughts at the hair salon

Jack's first time at the hair salonYesterday JC and I went on a little outing with Jack in the afternoon to get haircuts with Tomoko at UK Salon. She's been doing JC's hair for over 6 years and mine off and on for about 3 years. Since Jack was still asleep in his car seat when we got there, I went first while JC took him in the stroller for a leisurely walk. It was so nice catching up with her since my last haircut was when I was about 14 weeks pregnant. Yikes - thank goodness the prenatal vitamins did combat with the split ends and won for the most part. We talked about basically owning our own businesses and having clients and taking maternity leave. She took 12 weeks and I thought it was so brave of her to do that. I have no idea why I was so scared of the idea of actually declaring a maternity leave. I suppose I didn't talk to enough self-employed people before giving birth. Or perhaps my (somewhat self-defeating at times) overachiever tendencies made me think I could do it all. How silly of me. My haircut was finished and Jack was still asleep soundly. I grabbed an USWeekly - a vice I haven't looked at in quite a while! JC got shampooed and just as I was halfway done flipping through the pages, Jack woke up quietly and began stretching. I took him out of the seat and asked him if I looked any different. He didn't reply, which makes me think he's so clever as I only got a little trim. He probably thought to himself that it still looked long enough to grab just 3 strands of - it's great! I nursed him and then changed his diaper and then JC and I both felt like we needed a nap, but picked up some sushi as a snack instead. Then it was back home to squeeze in a bath for Jack and then about an hour's worth of work for me.

I will probably continue to say this, but I am super grateful for my amazingly understanding clients and the fact that I have an awesome team of people to help me out. I've always wanted to achieve a healthy work/life balance, and now throw this sweet little guy into the mix, well, the balancing act gets even trickier. But with a bit of time, my confidence will grow. I'll be able to tackle the most important things from my to-do list, and like everyone else, never feel truly caught up. And all of that is ok. Just going to continue to do the best that I can and try to prevent any further meltdowns as I navigate through this blessed life.

Oh and maybe next year I'll be able to squeeze in more than 2 haircuts.