Custom Embroidered Muslin Bag | Guest Post by Cathy Vee

As I take a mini maternity leave after having my baby boy on September 18th, I have a series of talented friends/guest posters who agreed to fill in here throughout part of this month. I will try to pop in with random posts here and there, but we are just trying to squeeze out every bit of goodness of family time right now. Enjoy!


Hi Everyone! Cathy here from Inside The Crafter's Studio! If you are an Amy Tangerine Embroidery Fan, then this is the project for you! I love muslin bags, who doesn't? They come in great sizes and are the perfect material for daily use. Some people stamp on them, and some like to leave them plain. Today, I am going to show you how I spruced them up with my "Capture" kit.Cathy Vee | via Amy TangerineI decided to use my own embroidery floss and the ones that came with the kit. You can purchase embroidery floss from any craft store. I decided to use 2 different designs on one bag since I like to overlap the two.Cathy Vee | via Amy TangerineI chose to keep the heart in the word "LOVE" a different color because it stood out more than if it were all one solid color. These 2 are my ultimate favorite and my go-to when I do layout projects. Something about the simple lettering of "LOVE" and the clouds/sun just makes me FEEL happy.Cathy Vee | via Amy TangerinePacked with love, this bag made the perfect goodie bag for a pen pal!Cathy Vee | via Amy TangerineThanks so much for reading, and thank you Amy for allowing me to guest post today!