This week

Though I kept up with taking photos for Week in the Life, I wasn't as successful with notes or blogging about it. Here is what the past 3 days looked like.

TUESDAY 9.10 image

  • Because of the big belly, it's hard for me to get close to my bathroom mirror. Thankful for this Ikea one.
  • JC left early for a short business trip up to San Francisco
  • Breakfast was simple and I tried to skip out on the coffee since JC wasn't here - it proved to be a rough day without it
  • Ismael had questions about the concrete placement in the backyard. I called JC just a bit before 9 and his heart skipped a beat thinking I was going into labor.
  • Bamboo would stay in bed all day if she could
  • The only neat part of my studio is where the cardstock sits
  • Cool street art in downtown Culver City
  • The dogs passed the "meet & greet" test at the doggy daycare and went for a few hours for the first time in their lives
  • Cindy and I had dinner at Native Foods - so yummy and healthy
  • Bamboo, Big ol' belly and I were tired early and went straight to sleep before 10:30

WEDNESDAY 9.11image_1

  • The guys started work early on the backyard - compacting
  • It was too noisy for Bamboo and Buster but they enjoyed watching the action
  • I had leftover dessert - gluten free peanut butter parfait for breakfast in addition to Cheerios
  • Ann-Marie came over to help out
  • The cat still hangs around and I don't mind it
  • My feet and ankles are swollen and only want to be in these flip flops
  • Picked up JC from the airport and we went to Hama Sushi for dinner. He was reluctant to have the yellowtail jalepeno, but I am glad he did. The lobster roll and salmon with avocado were especially delicious. As was the seaweed salad.
  • Then mommy landed at LAX right when we finished dinner so we scooped her as well

THURSDAY 9.12photo

  • The construction started at 6:30am - early!
  • I made coffee and JC was around for a while as we watched them pour the concrete
  • I had leftovers for lunch
  • After a one hour massage down the street, Buster wanted to cuddle
  • I may have eaten 5 Reese's peanut butter cups total
  • The stamped concrete is looking good
  • Finally tried a recipe from Pinterest - will be better next time with some tweaks, but pretty good overall
  • JC got home early and Bamboo wanted cuddles per usual

Hope your week was great!


UPDATE: The Priority Mail moving boxes sold out fast. Will do another major clean out this weekend and list more on Monday. Thanks for helping me make room in my new studio!