Oh boy!

20130919-183522.jpgOn September 18th at 7:37pm, John Archibald Cangilla was born. Named after his grandfathers, this little guy (who we will call Jack) put his mom (that's me!) through 14 hours of labor. After pushing for nearly 3 hours, the doctor decided it would be safest to do a C-section. JC got to cut the umbilical cord and held him first. My body was numb and I had the shakes/shivers. After a few minutes, JC brought him over and I met him for the very first time. 20130919-183125.jpgWe are totally smitten and grateful for this little guy even though he only decided to join the world about 24 hours ago. Thanks for all the well wishes over on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. It means so much to us. Love, Amy + JC + Jack.