moving is effing stressful

In case you needed the definition of effing, let me google that for you. (Excuse my language, but it's the truth!!). So the day finally came when the tenants in the 2 bedroom guest house moved out. That was Saturday, August 31. So now we finally have the entire place, which we fully acquired in this order 1. garage unit with 1 bedroom and a 3/4 bath. 2. bonus rooms to be made into my studio and JC's library/man cave 3. the main house (where JC and I have been really enjoying) 4. 2 bedroom guest house. It's quite the compound and still needs a lot of work, but we are so happy to finally have access to all of it. The tenants  left the place in extremely good condition (and really clean!) other than the fact that we discovered later that one of the mirrored closet doors was cracked. Which I think is actually our fault for not checking. Nonetheless, they were awesome tenants for the short duration we had them. Since I used to work out of my mom's house, which I have been renting for just over 5 years (at first I lived there, and then she moved in 8 months later and then I moved out about 8 months later), much of my work stuff was there. Confusing, I know. Anyway, I had the movers all lined up and ready to go on Sunday, September 1st. They showed up promptly at 8am and I figured it would be about a 10 hour day. They were extremely professional and efficient and even helped me pack a lot of my scrapbooking stuff that I have hoarded/accumulated. Let me just tell you that I have way too much stuff. I think everyone probably realizes this when they need to move. Oh and we have a hoarding problem that runs in the family that will stop this moment with me. Not nearly as bad as the show, but that depends on who you ask. Turns out at this point I am also rambling and probably sharing too much. Anyway, I am announcing to the world that I am no longer going to bring anything into my house that I don't love. Period.

It made for a rather stressful day. Which made for a rather stressful Labor Day weekend, but we got through it and ended up having a truck FULL to donate to several different amazing causes. PHEW. And Cindy has her room and bathroom all set up already. Now I just need some help organizing and setting up the studio! The studio is a separate room detached from our main house. It's a total disaster right now, but I am hoping to have it in working order before the baby arrives. However, we are doing more demo beginning tomorrow, so it may not happen. This is what the backyard looked like last week.demo1My friend Dana texted me late last night and said, "How did the move go?!?"

To which I simply replied, "We survived. Does that count?"

And I think it does. Going to try and blog about more fun stuff soon, promise. But for now, I am putting my severely swollen feet up and working on the laptop when I muster up enough energy to sit up. Let's hope this baby stays for another couple weeks!sept3