Our garage kitchen

Although JC and I have moved into the main house and are feeling like things are getting set up on the inside, there is still so much work that needs to be done. We have found that priorities shift, projects may get started and not finished on time, but in the end (wait, is there an end?) it all works out. One of the first things we had done while living in the garage unit was putting a kitchen in. Luckily our friends Dana and Brad had experience with this and were more than willing to help us. Dana came over while my mom babysat Asa & Star on a Monday and we spent hours measuring and going to Ikea. imageWe decided to get most things - even the kitchen sink, from Ikea but not the appliances. I went to a local store for that called Barrett's Appliances, that has been around since 1946! I figured the big guy, Home Depot, would get enough of our money with other projects. Another trip to Ikea to finalize the designs and place an order - they have this weird thing where it needs to be delivered the next day. I had to talk them into the latest possible delivery, which was just 3 days later because we were going to be out of town. My mom was able to be there, and Ikea delivered 87 pieces. The guys got to work over the next weekend and then JC finished up over the course of a few weeks, sometimes after work, since we were out of town for much of July.image_3 image_2image_4image_1image_1Lots of pizza delivery was had as well as take out from different places in the neighborhood. Here's what it looks like this morning as I type. imageIt still needs a bit of touch up from our handyman, but the guys did an awesome job. All pics were taken with my iPhone, with no edits. Once it's totally complete, I will snap a few better pics of the entire garage unit. In case you were wondering, the refrigerator is on the other wall, to the right of that door. And yes, the sticker still needs to be peeled off the vent hood, but we left it on their for paint touch up reasons. This is a converted garage, with one bedroom and a 3/4 bath. It's going to be perfect for when JC's parents come for the winter. They will have their own 4 walls and roof and be just steps away from our house. And the baby. More home projects to come!