Quick hello from Vegas

cha_summer_2013Photos from my Instagram feed as well as marikobrown's. The first day of CHA's Create-n-connect show was yesterday and it was positively great. Highlights include:

  • eating mini kit kats for breakfast, though I lost count of how many.
  • seeing so many wonderful familiar faces (well, the ones who look like their avatars, anyway)
  • meeting new, awesome creatives of all ages
  • people being excited about the baby
  • people asking if they can touch my belly - it really doesn't bother me so much. yet.
  • having a very comfortable chair to sit in at the booth
  • getting Instax photos taken to add to my daybook
  • having lunch at a quintessential Vegas institution - Peppermill Restaurant
  • eating more mini kit kats after lunch
  • going to see Cirque du Soleil's Zarkana and having amazing 5th row seats
  • all the wonderful feedback and reactions for Cut & Paste, especially finding out that my collection is buzz worthy, according to you all and Scrapbook Update! Thank you for that!