Wake up and LiveDigging: the fact that after August 1st, I will be homebound until the baby arrives. My doctor wrote a note that I can fly until August 18th, but I am cutting myself off (not even going to join my mom when she takes off for a last minute trip to Hawaii!!).Not Digging: the fact that the previous owner left his cat! Can you believe someone would even do that?! Granted, he/she is an outdoor cat, but still. It infuriates me mainly because I am an animal lover, but severely allergic to cats and can't do much with it when it comes up meowing and starts rubbing up against my legs. URG Drinking: lots of water & smoothies and a cup of coffee or tea. Eating: all kinds of foods - really whatever sounds good at the moment. Also craving kale. My mom gets the bags from Trader Joes and either cooks it up with garlic and olive oil or makes an awesome simple salad with it. I still don't want to put it in my smoothies though. Watching: not much on tv because we don't have cable yet. But we're catching up on Boss on JC's iPad and also I'm trying to figure out a time when we can both watch The Happiest Baby on the Block, a DVD hand-me-down. Wearing: mostly maxi dresses, long skirts and anything comfy. Trying not to buy any more maternity clothes. Reading: The Avalon Ladies Scrapbooking Society, borrowed from the library. I've pre-ordered Elsie & Emma's A Beautiful Mess Photo Idea Book so I can get it in just a couple weeks. Feeling: a little shortness of breath, and finally getting over a lingering cough. Weather: nice Wanting: to magically have the main house painted and ready to move into ASAP. Needing: to find the most comfortable, firm king sized bed in our budget. We considered the Westin Heavenly bed, but are having second thoughts. Wishing: my friends with young kids would listen to me when I say that I really do want hand-me-downs more than I want things off my baby registry. Hoping: for a continued healthy pregnancy and baby. Thinking: all kinds of crazy thoughts, but trying not to. Enjoying: the smiles and kindness of strangers - who knew just about everyone was so nice to pregnant people?! Loving: the feedback and excitement from CHA about Cut & Paste, this video done by, This free app called Calm - I have been wanting to learn meditation for quite sometime now, and this app seems to be the way to go. Been working on some awesome exclusive projects for Toolbox with Studio Calico. Sign ups for my newest online class is coming to a close tomorrow. You will have forever access to the class and all materials, but you need to sign up before July 31 - hope to see you in the Toolbox classroom!