Scenes from Santa Monica

Our last full weekend in Venice was last weekend. The rest of the month has a variety of trips in store for us, so it was nice to be able to enjoy the beautiful weather at home. We woke up early on our own, I made breakfast - fried eggs, bacon, tomatoes, a fresh sliced peach and plum. For drinks, grapefruit juice and black coffee. My doctor says I can have 200 mg of caffeine a day, which is the equivalent of a large cup of coffee. Usually I just drink a small cup in case I want a little afternoon pick-me-up. We decided to have a car-less Saturday and browse for furniture locally for the house. We set out on foot and I opened the Map My Run app to log the distance of our walk. I snapped some photos along the way and when we were done, we had done 6.8 miles on 6/8. Santa Monica Scenes 1Santa Monica ScenesCollages made on PicFrame while I was laying on the sofa for pretty much the rest of the day.