4 years in 500 square feet

When I first moved to this tiny, little apartment in Venice exactly 4 years ago today, I hardly imagined it would be home for this long. The street has since changed, from being mostly residential to a fairly hip and happening stretch where I can walk out the door and within 2 minutes, arrive at a few of the best restaurants in town. There are so many pluses to living here for 4 years, including being walking distance to Whole Foods in one direction and the beach in the other. It's about a 5 minute bike ride (or 20 minute walk) to my favorite street, Abbot Kinney Blvd. The only downside to being just a short bike ride to the Santa Monica Pier, is that my pink beach cruiser has gotten more rusty living outside.courtyardAnd after 5 months of dating, in September of 2009, JC moved in. Now there were 2 of us in this tiny place and we somehow managed not to get on each others' nerves too much. Though it was little, it was a place we both called home. living room this moment is more precious than you think kitchensofaphotos by Tara Whitney Last Friday, JC and I found out that we finally had everything we needed to drop contingencies on the house we have been in the process of buying since the beginning of April. Buying a home in Los Angeles County is a doozy. I am sure it's not an easy, smooth process anywhere in the world, but for some reason around these parts it seems extra difficult. The inventory is really low right now, and competition is fierce. When I say fierce, I mean many places are going for well OVER asking price. As in you have to bid higher to even be in the game. This is the 3rd place we had put an offer on, and the 2nd place we went into escrow on. And really, the only place we both truly fell in love with (although were afraid to admit it right off the bat).

So we are closing next week, we get the keys, but not the ability to move in just yet because there are still tenants in the main house. And tenants in the guest house. Yes - there is a guest house! And a converted garage that is larger than our current place, which we may call home for a few weeks. We are thrilled since our little family will be growing and we will be able to have my mom and cousin living on the property and close by, but not sharing a roof or walls. We all need a little space. Speaking of little spaces, dear Venice apartment, you will be missed! Thanks for the memories and an incredible 4 years.