Guest Post | Paige Evans

This is a guest post by Paige Evans. She has been working with us on so many different scrapbooking projects. I asked her to do a wrap-up post about her experience. Over the past 4 years I've had the amazing opportunity to work at over 30 events and scrapbook on-site for Amy Tangerine. From Bar/Bat Mitzvahs and Baby Showers to Sweet Sixteens and Wedding Receptions, each party has a fun and unique atmosphere and color scheme/theme with guests that are almost always happy and willing to get their photo taken. Once I have their pictures in hand I glue them onto pre-made layouts which all go into an album that the special guest/s receive at the end of the event to commemorate their party. paige1One of my favorite parts of "working" at these events (I hardly call it work since they're so much fun!) is seeing the other vendors hired to entertain guests. Besides scrapbooking I've seen everything from feathers/jewels clipped in your hair, airbrush/glitter tattoos, jewelry making, cookie decorating, handbag making, video games, DDR, photobooths, a guy who makes an Etch-A-Sketch of you, henna tattoos, dancing (there's ALWAYS dancing!), custom candy concoctions, photo flipbooks, oxygen bars, and so many other things it's just amazing. And there's ALWAYS a candy bar, which, up until recently when I gave up candy, would be my favorite part of the night: when the candy bar was revealed and the kids went crazy filling up their bags!paige2I've traveled near and far and gotten to know this great city of Los Angeles by working at these events. I became familiar with the ritzy parts of town, which, let's be honest, I never would have seen or been to had I not been able to work at these events. And since I have a slight fascination with "Hollywood" and the lifestyle of the rich & the famous, being a part of their fancy club for a few nights while living here was such a dream come true!

I can only hope to return to California some day to once again participate in scrapbooking on-site and help make and preserve memories for guests on their special occasion!

Though I am very sad that she is leaving Los Angeles - not only has she been someone I can totally count on for events and other various projects, I have been inspired by how much of her life she shares via her blog. For instance, she's already written about our farewell lunch at Lemonade. I could always count on her to take photos and give our clients the best possible service. Truly thrilled for her and her family's new adventures in Germany. Thanks Paige!!