on the go

The other day I posted this Instagram of a peek at a list I made in a mini book that I taught in Hawaii yesterday. (More on that to come later - it was so fun!)So back to the list - I'm up to 22 countries (someone reminded me that I have been to the UK!). Correction - I am up to 23 because once I googled whether Bermuda and the Bahamas counted as their own countries, I learned the Bahamas is indeed! UPDATED: Looks like I clearly needed to pay more attention in geography! Thanks for all who told me about the corrections. So here is the complete list in no particular order: 1. USA (only country I've ever called home) 2. Canada 3. Mexico 4. India 5. China 6. Taiwan 7. Hong Kong (apparently debatable whether it's its own country, but I am counting it) 8. Thailand 9. Japan 10. Brazil 11. Guatemala 12. Peru 13. Australia 14. Spain 15. France 16. Italy 17. New Zealand 18. South Africa 19. Germany 20. Phillipines 21. Switzerland 22. England 23. The Bahamas

Considering there are 196 countries in the world according to this list, I have barely scratched the surface at just over 11%. There are places I know I will never go, and oh so many I have yet to visit. So very grateful though to have been able to travel and explore as I have in these 34 years. Looks like we are going to add Cambodia to the list this summer as our last international trip before the little cutie arrives. Other than that, where else should I plan on going?