oh baby!

WOW. So fun to finally share the news with you all yesterday. I felt like I was floating on cloud 9 all day from your well wishes. Thank you!! It really is such a blessing and we are thrilled about this little baby. And seriously, sharing the joy and reading all the comments here just makes it all even more fun. And yes, I plan on enjoying every minute of this journey and will share some bits and pieces along the way. Now to answer your questions about the little tangerine, aka, "cutie". This photo was taken by Ann-Marie Morris in mid-March after we were done taking pics of the bag.tangerine I was about 13 weeks at that time, and it was not an easy secret to keep. As some of you pointed out, most of my recent photos didn't show my stomach. It was not an easy task as I was convinced that everyone at Craftcation must have known! Guess I covered it up enough for people to just assume I had too many donuts. Though JC and I found out at 6 weeks, I only told my mom and cousin, Cindy right after my first doctor's appointment. It was a pretty emotional time, and we wanted to wait until we found out more information before sharing the news with more people. As the shock wore off, it was easier to take in the reality and accept the fun things the first trimester brings. I was SO tired, which is very unlike me. Every single day after lunch, I would need to lay down on the sofa. Most days I wouldn't actually fall asleep, but resting was the only thing I could do. Thankful I was only experiencing fatigue, I just accepted the fact that my body needed rest as it was busy doing something it had never done before. And I am ever so thankful I didn't have morning sickness - which as it turns out occurred to some of my friends all day - not just in the morning.

We shared the news with JC's family at 10 weeks while in Pittsburgh over Valentine's Day weekend. I gave his mom a shirt that says, Best Grandma Ever and this in a frame:1st ultrasound announcementIt was totally magical and I captured the moment she opened the gift on video. Then we tried to Skype with my dad in Atlanta, but since they couldn't figure it out, we just had to give the news over the phone. I told him he was going to be a grandpa, and I could feel his joy radiating through as he shared his happy news with his wife, Julia. So exciting. We also explained that we would likely keep it a secret until April and they did their best to only tell the ones closest to them who were also sworn to secrecy.

The fun continued as I shared the news with close friends and got some of their reactions on video. My plan is to make a montage and hopefully share it in a couple months. I also made it a point to tell work associates and collaborators so they knew what was going on.

My cravings in the first trimester included: boba tea, ice cream and veggies. Nothing too crazy.

I turned an Old Navy sweater into part of the announcement by drawing the words with the best white gel pen there is and then hand embroidering using a chain stitch. It's the top I am wearing in the post yesterday. sweater1 sweater3At 17 weeks I am feeling great - a renewed sense of energy, although the occasional stuffy nose every few days is kind of bugging me. Other than that, I have no complaints and really focused on being healthy and doing what's best for the baby and me. This includes not stressing out about trivial things, concentrating my energies on the things that make me happiest, and enjoying this awesome journey. Our families are just over the moon.

We are in the process of buying a house. This was in the works before we found out about the little one, however, it did make us pick up the pace a bit on finding a home. It's all at once stressful and exciting.

Yes, we are finding out the sex. Although we are 99% sure as of last week, we will find out 100% next week. Yay!